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6. Chinese Function Index 

Formulas that Clear the Exterior
   a) Clear Wind and Cold First Defense, CB
   b) Clear Wind and Heat RG, HB
   c) Tonify and Clear the Exterior XG
   d) Clear the Exterior and Dispel Dampness HXS
Formulas that Harmonize
   a) Harmonize the Shao-Yang Channel Area XCH
   b) Harmonize Liver and Spleen Y-JXY
   c) Harmonize Wei Qi and Ying BT
   d) Harmonize Liver and Stomach GW
Formulas that Clear Heat
   a) Generally Clear Heat/Fire and Detoxify YANT, QXR
   b) Clear Heat (including Deficiency Heat) and Tonify QHBJ
   c) Clear Liver Heat GW
Purging Formulas GTL, MBW
Formulas that Tonify
   a) Tonify Qi GBS, CB
   b) Tonify Blood GPT
   c) Tonify Qi and Blood SHBU
   d) Pacify the Spirit SHM, AML, GPT
Formula that Regulate the Blood
   a) Remove Blood Stagnation B, SZY
Formula that Remove Stagnation
   a) Remove Qi and Blood Stagnation J
   b) Remove Liver and Blood Stagnation Y-JXY, TT
   c) Remove Qi and Food Stagnation MBW
Formulas that treat Dryness
    a) Moisten Lung Dryness QCJF
Formulas that remove Dampness
   a) Dispel Wind and Dampness DUHO, GJTF
Formulas that Clear Mucus and Phlegm WDT, XI
Formulas that Improve Digestion BHW, MBW

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