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What is TCM
Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM medical practice is guided by Chinese philosophy, which teaches that the human body is not only part of the world, but actually a small version of it. ... more..
Acupuncture is one of the therapeutic methods used by TCM to influence the energy status. An acupuncturist could stimulate the body's own healing response, help restore its natural balance by inserting fine needles into the channels of energy... more

Tuina , classified as a massage therapy, has been widely practiced in China as a special solution to various conditions including those serious ones ever since applied at the very beginning time for therapeutic purposes.... more

Right for the flu season!
First Defense
Proven through hundreds of years of development and use, First Defense is highly effective at helping to clear external Wind, particularly when taken at earliest onset...

TCM Seminar

The Chicago School of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an Illinois Certified Acupuncture Education Sponsor - meet ceu/PDA requirements for IL renewals and NCCAOM re-certification ...more


Job Opportunity
Licensed Acupuncturist in Chicago & Northbrook office ...more  
Testimony & Presentation

I hold Dr. Guo and his work as the finest medicine I've ever experienced... more

I'm glad that I have had the opportunity to meet this man and I hold him responsible for my current healthy status... more

I have been off herbs for two years now, and the positive effects have lasted. I now have a completely different outlook on my health... more

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, & Herbs

For nearly 3,000 years now, traditional Chinese medicine or TCM has been taking a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating bodily disorders and dysfunction. To eliminate disease and discomfort, TCM involves restoration of the balance between bodily systems through Chinese herbs on one hand and acupuncture or Tuina therapy on the other. This approach is guided by Chinese philosophy and its worldview. Chinese philosophy sees the human body as a system within the system of the universe. It is a smaller system within this greater system, and any function or behavior exhibited by the body can find its parallel in the workings of the universe. With TCM, overall well being requires that our attitudes, level of contentment, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the work we do and the lifestyles we live are all in balance.

Life Rising was founded with these tenets in mind. After immigrating to the United States to continue his research, our founder Zhengang Guo established himself as a leading acupuncturist and master Chinese herbalist in Chicago by being a pioneer in TCM education in Illinois. His dedication and devotion to the research of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) have led to the opening of a flagship clinic for TCM, Tuina and acupuncture in Chicago on Archer Avenue.

Master Guo has also overseen the opening of additional clinics in the Chicagoland area; one for TCM consultation, Tuina and acupuncture in Westmont and another location for TCM consultation, Tuina and acupuncture in Northbrook, IL. In addition to clinic services and locations, Life Rising also offers a full product line which draws on Chinese herbal medicine at its best and most powerfully effective. Ease, convenience and palatability are key factors in keeping patients on task with a regular course of herbal formulas and supplements.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for thousands of years to promote healing in the body and to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dramatic improvements in health have been achieved with the use of acupuncture and the ingestion of certain Chinese herbs. Ton Shen Health has been offering Life Rising Formula Chinese Herbs as an ancient and restorative treatments to the Chicago, IL community since 1985. With amazing results that offer increased vitality and serve to remedy chronic bodily conditions, many of our clients are finding relief in the use of Chinese Alternative Medicine.


Your experienced and certified acupuncturist can help you to select the acupuncture treatments that are best for your health concerns. They will provide acupuncture for back pain by inserting fine needles at specific energy channels within the body. An ancient and mystical science, acupuncture provides real results and genuine relief from back pain and other chronic conditions. Our acupuncture clinic can provide you with the information you need if you have never had this procedure before. We will explain in detail what to expect and how this ancient Chinese alternative medicine can provide you with phenomenal results.

Chinese Herbs

For several thousands of years in China, each Chinese herb has provided medicinal benefits through a natural process that integrates with people’s own body chemistry. No additives, chemicals, or invasive treatments are needed with Chinese herb. Instead, Chinese herbs provide a safe and natural remedy for many health complaints . Chinese herbs have long been used for their restorative and healing results and can be used safely in tandem with many Western treatments.

Contact us for a consultation in Chicago, Westmont or Northbrook, IL to determine the treatments that are best for your health needs.

Chicago office ~
2131 S. Archer Ave. Suite B Chicago, IL 60616
~ Phone: 312-842-2775

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