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Chinese Herbs & Herbal Medicine

In addition to making consultation and hands-on services available through our three Chicago area clinics, Life Rising has also developed a product line of the best of TCM herbal medicine. This page features a number of specially developed products that draw on the efficacy of Chinese herbs. Not only has our master herbalist and acupuncturist Zhengang Guo harnessed the power of Chinese herbs for a number of healthful results, but he has also adapted one Chinese herbal formula after another to cater to Western palates and today’s fast paced lifestyles, making any prescribed regimen easy and convenient to follow. Among the other products offered in Life Rising’s online store, you’ll find tea, cookies, fruit chews, books and other supplements. These products are sure to help you maintain an overall sense of well being between your visits for treatment in TCM, Tuina or acupuncture in Northbrook, IL or with your local clinic and practitioner. We welcome any and all questions you might have. Call to schedule your first visit to a Ton Shen Health herb and acupuncture clinic in Chicago today!

Herbal Formulas

More than one hundred formulas, some of them were Guo's own, some of them have more than three thousand years history... more  

Herbal Health Tea
Herbal Tea

Tea, one of the healthest drink in the world: Beauty-Enhance Tea, Youthening Tea, Liver Peace Tea, Licorice Wheat and Date Tea... Find one that can suit you best... more

Herbal Cookies

Diet Herbal Cookie, Skin Beauty Cookie, Miracle Herbal Cookie... We have all these delicious cookies just for you... more 


Hawthorn Fruit Chews

Hawthorn Fruit Chews helps digestion; minimizs overweight; promots circulation... more  


We have books about acupuncture, moxibustion, traditional Chinese medicine, longevity, and more... 

Other Supplements

Flu season formulas and Panax Ginseng Extract are all here... more 

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