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Testimony & Presentation - Peggy's story

Peggy's story (Health Issue: Colon Cancer)

   My sister was diagnosed with colon cancer when she was 50 years old. We were 11½ months apart in age. Since our grandmother had also had colon cancer, I decided to make my 50th birthday present to myself a colonoscopy. My test came back positive and after aggressive surgery and chemotherapy treatment and radiation. I decided to seek alternative medicine immediately. My sister had advanced stages of cancer and had been to the university hospitals as well as Sloan Kettering in New York. She didn't seek alternative methods with Dr. Guo until things were really advanced. Even though she was in the end stages of cancer, Dr. Guo was a great comfort to her and she always liked his positive attitude. When I was diagnosed I decided that I was not going to wait until I was in end stages of this disease. Seeing her respect for Dr. Guo and having known people who highly recommend him, I visited him right after my surgery.

   He started me on a regiment of herbs while I was also receiving chemotherapy and radiation. Through all of this very difficult treatment, I never was sick and I never missed a day of work.

   Dr. Guo has treated my allergies, my high blood pressure along with a lot of everyday complaints to great success. Not only have I been cancer free now for 3½ years, I no longer take high blood pressure medication and I only use herbs for my allergies. I have recommended him to many friends and acquaintances who have had serious diseases and most of them have been successful. There is definitely something to alternatives to bio-chemical medicine. Even though I still can't turn my back on Western medicine, I know that I am giving myself the best chance at survival by using both method. My daughter is also a patient of Dr. Guo. She is in her early 20's and I am hoping that she can get an early start to keeping herself in good health by practicing the entire Chinese philosophy to long life, heath, and happiness. I wish that there were more support by our Western medical expert to support and recommend the use of alternatives. Until that time, we patients must be the eye witness and the advocates for this choice. Our insurance companies could learn that this could be a lot less expensive way of treatment than they currently supply. I'M GLAD THAT I HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET THIS MAN AND I HOLD HIM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY CURRENT HEALTHY STATUS.

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