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About Us
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    Zhengang Guo, our master herbalist and acupuncturist, established Life Rising in 1985 after dual life-long pursuits in both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine. His background in TCM began as a teenager in his native village of Lanzhou when his father, Xiang-Li Guo, personally taught his children the fundamentals of TCM -a field that began over two thousand years ago.

   With his extensive knowledge of TCM, Guo attended the Lanzhou Medical College to train as a Western surgeon and oncologist. After graduating he practiced throughout northwest China for 17 years. Ultimately Guo envisioned the potential of integrating the best of Western medicine with TCM; thus, he immigrated to the United States in 1981 on a fellowship with the M.D. Anderson Tumor Hospital in Houston, Texas. Later, he moved to Chicago where he continued his research at the University of Illinois and began the first Chinese herbal medicine class ever taught in the Windy City. Because Guo made inroads at that time, anyone with the desire to become a TCM practitioner or an acupuncturist in Chicago now has more opportunity. Furthermore, The College of Medicine at The University of Illinois is now known for its legitimizing research in alternative medicine therapies. Many years of research and published work now bolster the practice of every Chinese herbalist in Chicago and every acupuncturist in Northbrook and beyond.

   While living in the US, Guo realized that the factors affecting his Western patients varied greatly from his patients in China. One of his first challenges was to adapt the traditional formulas to his new patients' needs. Next, Guo faced the problem of the West's unfamiliarity with TCM's principles and philosophy as well as the tastes, smells, and lengthy preparation times for its herbal medicines. Master Herbalist Guo has made remarkable developments to improve TCM's tastes and smells. Thanks to his extensive research, the preparation of herbs for patients has become as easy as brewing a cup of coffee.

   To this day, Guo continues to revise products, creating new formulas and new methods for Western lifestyles. Life Rising's research institute, clinic, and herbal manufacturing company in China all continue to create quality products for modern needs. We are proud to help in the quest for powerful, more effective, and healthful treatments.

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